Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bee - ID required

(Kranji Nature Trail - 16 May 10)

Molting - ID required

(Wild Wild West - 25 Oct 09)

Black Ant

This was an ant that had just woken up and was doing some stretching exercise.

(Wild Wild West - 21 Mar 10)

True Bugs

(Diary Farm Nature Reserve - 27 Feb 10)

Metallic Wood-boring Beetle

Family : Buprestidae
Name : Belionota Prasina

The Metallic Wood-boring beetles are among the most handsome insects in the world. The beauty of their metallic hard chitin has inspired artists and provides a constant inspiration for designers of jewelery and embroidery!

Based on the coloration, it could be Belionota prasina, a very common jewel beetle,frequently seen on the bark of kapok and casuarina trees. This is a small beetle that measures about 2.5cm.

(Dorsal View - Upper Pierce Forest)

(Side view - Upper Pierce Forest)

A species of the Shield or Stink Bug?

(Mandai Orchid Garden - 17 Apr 10)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Soldier Fly

Red Hopper

(Venus Drive - 11 Apr 08)